What does it mean to be 'still nordic'?

What does it mean to be 'still nordic'?

Design matters. Quality matters. Functionality matters. Running a fair fashion business matters. That's what still nordic means, and here you can learn why.


Maybe you have been wondering what on earth the meaning behind the name ’still nordic’ is. Maybe you have not really thought about it. However, the name of our brand is actually iconic of our whole way of thinking, our identity and way of running a business. Let us explain.

In a consumer society like the one we live in, it is easy as a fashion business to get carried away by the industry – by the pressure to produce new items all the time and to cut corners when it comes to production and manufacturing

However, still nordic insists on running a business the proper way. We take responsibility for our collaborators, our artisans and craftsmen etcetera. Furthermore, we own our whole value chain, which enables us to vouch 100% for every step of the production process.

That is why we are called still nordic. Because we insist on still being true to our believes, still being responsible, still challenging the status quo – in other words, being true to our Nordic values while still making no compromises as to design, quality and functionality. Isn't that worth considering when going out to get a new bag?