Thoughts on Spring 19

Thoughts on Spring 19

Spring 19 Still Nordic

In the early 20th century, the modernistic era began to dominate the Western society. The industrial development was intensifying and the fast growing cities contributed to a mindset valuing function over prettiness, minimalism over ornament.

Modernism as a cultural movement impacted on all forms of art, architecture being one of them. For instance, blocks of flats started to emerge as a concept in Denmark with inspiration from German architecture.

Today, many people associate the clustered concrete squares with ghetto environments, but they were originally an expression for a mind-set that laid the fundament for many of the biggest artists we know today. And this modernistic mindset is quite similar to that of still nordic’s designs.

The aesthetics of our Spring 19 collection draw some concrete parallels to a modernistic way of thinking. We've reconstructed geometric shapes and brought them back together in a minimalistic, Scandinavian expression. But on a less specific note, the collection is an example of how a bag is never just a bag. It is a piece of cultural heritage.

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