The Ultimate Leather Bag Must-haves: The Core Collection

The Ultimate Leather Bag Must-haves: The Core Collection

We all want that perfect everyday leather bag that goes with any outfit and suits our every need. That is what our core collection is all about. Every bag is made out of 100% quality leather with a stylish yet basic design, functionality on point and they can be purchased all year long.

For Work

Several pockets. Laptop compartment. Pencil holders. Adjustable straps for ultimate functionality and comfort. That is what you will find when looking into our backpacks, briefs and messengers.

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For Traveling

You need to have room for all your stuff and a place to put your small as well as your big items. Our weekend bags are all about full functionality and lots of space.

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For Smaller Items

iPhone. Credit cards. Pencils. Laptop. Keys. You have a lot of things in your life that need protection and a place to be kept. Our core collection will help you with that.

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