The City Collection

The City Collection


Chic City Vibes

The heart of The City Collection is based on timeless, stylish, and durable bags for both men and women that live a busy and wonderful life in the city. In The City Collection we’ve been inspired by various city-vibes and they have influenced the process and creative thoughts behind every bag’s design and tiny details that beautify every single bag.

Still spring 22 female

Basic Collection   

Additionally, a unique feature for The City Collection is that we’ve added a Basic Collection to our beautiful universe of female leather bags. Basic Collection is based on low-key and basic designs that won’t go out of style just yet. These bags have also been given a special wax-treatment that gives the surface a nice two-toned effect, making every bag look unique. The essence of this Basic Collection is to invest in yourself and buy durable bags that will last decades.

still spring 22

In The City Collection you’ll find feminine & chic handbags that have the perfect size for going out and dining with friends and loved ones, but you’ll also find more practical & masculine backpacks for busy errands around the city.
Besides, the unifying principle behind The City Collection is that we have designed bags that will fulfill whichever needs and requirements you have to a bag that will live “the city life” together with you.