A Visit in the Big Apple

Sonja Lovdal and Oskar Rumle Rasmussen are not only a couple. For one year, they have been running their own creative agency, Laptop Club, that does visual and strategic communication. To celebrate the 1 year anniversary of their new business along with a year of hard work and effort, the passionate couple decided to treat themselves with a proper city holiday in the Big Apple. A trip full of new inspiration, good times with old friends and photographing. They brought along their still nordic Backpack and Weekend Bag - two bags perfectly suited for the trip.

Skagen Backpack 


Why were the Backpack and Weekend Bag good choices to bring on your city holiday?

There are two things that are crucial on a city vacation: Comfortable shoes and a great bag to carry around all your stuff. We carried the backpack around in the city every single day, and it was such a delight! Both the bags were comfortable to carry around for many hours at a time and had both the spaces and functionalities we needed.


Skagen Weeken bag 


What were your favorite features of the bags?

Especially the many different interior rooms in the backpack were perfect for keeping for example our water bottle, extra batteries for our camera ect. With the different rooms, we could quickly find all the different things without needing to mess around in the bag.

Our favourite feature about the weekend bag was that it had both a shoulder strap and handles. Oskar could carry it around easily over his shoulder and when we were waiting in line, we used the handles to move it when the line moved forward.


Skagen Backpack 


What made the most impact on you on the trip?

We saw a lot of amazing things. We had a lot of fantastic gastronomic experiences. But one of the best experiences was probably our helicopter ride over Manhattan - that was truly exceptional. As to photographing, our favorite scene was DUMBO (Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass). There was a perfect view over Manhattan skyline and Brooklyn Bridge.

What are your dreams for the future?

We're sort of workaholics and we would love to see our little company grow big. Our dream right now is to get a bigger space to create an office with room for our talented employees and collaborators. Also, we love to travel so we hope to get more jobs outside of Denmark - maybe even in New York?


Skagen Backpack